Appeal a Claim  

If you have any questions about a claim payment or you do not agree with the reason your claim was denied in whole or in part, you should write within sixty (60) days to the SBF Director. Be sure you state why you believe the claim should not have been denied and submit any data, questions or comments you think are appropriate. Your appeal will then be reviewed by the SBF Director.


Any appeal that cannot be resolved by the Director will be forwarded to the SBF Trustees for review and final decision. You will be notified of the final decision within sixty (60) days of the date your appeal was received, unless there are special circumstances, in which case you will be notified within one hundred and twenty (120) days. If you are not satisfied with the final decision and wish to review the documents pertinent to an appealed claim, you should contact the SBF Director.


If you have any other questions regarding appealing a claim, please call the BTF/SBF office at (716)881-5462.