How to Submit a Dental Claim

The Supplemental Benefit Fund (SBF) is not an insurance company and does not participate with any dentist. However, most dentists will handle the claims and paperwork for you. If you need to file a claim yourself, please see below for submission details.


If you do need to file a claim form:

-   Download and print the Supplemental Benefit Fund Dental Claim Form (Click Here).

-   Complete the patient and subscriber information on the claim form.

-   Attach a copy of the dentist's Statement of Treatment (please see the “Important Note” below).

-   Make a copy for your records.

-   Mail the original copies to the address printed on the form.


We usually process claims within six (6) weeks unless additional information is required from you or the dentist.


Important Note: A Statement of Treatment or similar document you receive from your dentist may not include enough information for us to process the claim. Please be sure the dentist's name, address, phone number, a description of each service, its procedure code and fee, are included on the Statement of Treatment. We also need the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and the State License Number.