APPR Information

The State Education Department of New York has implemented a new Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) System, the components of which must be developed and/or negotiated, as required by law, between the school district and the teachers’ association.

The BTF  worked with the BPS to revise the teacher evaluation system so it not only aligns with the state law, but it’s also fairer and reduces the impact of standardized tests. We’re proud that we’ve worked toward creating more authentic student learning measures.


Buffalo Public Schools Approved 3012-d Plan

Below are helpful APPR Appeals information and  documents developed by the BTF and BPS.

APPR Appeal Form

APPR Appeal Instructions 

Supporting Documentation Information

Below please find information on SLO's  anf LMA's 

Refusal to Sign SLOs/LMAs Information

Suggestions for Projecting Student Growth/Achievement

Below are other useful APPR documents

NYSUT Fact Sheets - APPR - Updated January 2016

NYSUT Fact Sheet - APPR Safety Net - Update June 2014

Guidance on NYS's APPR for Teachers and Principals to Implement Education Law §3012-d and the Commissioner's Regulations

Guidance on the NYS District-wide Growth Goal - Setting Process: Student Learning Objectives

Buffalo Public School Presentation - eDoctrina Examples

 Student Learning Objective (SLO) Development Checklist

 New York State Student Learning Objective Template

NYSUT’s Teacher Practice Rubric


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