September 3, 2015

MEMO TO: All Buffalo Teachers

FROM: Philip Rumore, President, BTF

RE: Incorrect Composite Scores

The District has just notified us that approximately 1089 composite APPR scores for Buffalo Teachers with multiple SLO/LMA scores were
calculated incorrectly by "truenorthlogic", the company that the District has employed. These scores are lower than they should be. This may
affect whether a teacher has to complete a TIP.

You will be receiving notification and a corrected score from the District.

The error was not the fault of the District.

We’ll keep you up to date.




September 2, 2015

MEMO TO: All Buffalo Teachers

FROM: Philip Rumore, President, BTF

RE: Responses to Recent Teacher Inquiries

Q. Can I apply for mileage when I have to go from my assigned school to another location for the current professional development sessions?
A. Yes. Forms are available on the Buffalo schools website, resources/document library/policies and procedures/forms (you will need you BPS password to gain access to the form from this link). The rate is $.31 per mile.

Q. If during the summer “layoff” I was required to pack materials for a move between buildings. Can I apply to get paid for the time utilized?
A. Yes, under most circumstances except moves such as voluntary transfers. You should approach the administrator who told you to pack your materials. Forms are available at activity sheets. If there are problems, call BTF.

Q. When speaking with someone from the District, what is the best procedure?
A. It is always best to obtain the person’s name and to correspond by email if possible.


August 25, 2016

MEMO TO: All Buffalo Teachers

FROM:      Philip Rumore, President, BTF

RE:          Teacher Solidarity


Since half of the teachers will report to their home schools on Thursday, September 1st and the other half on Friday, September 2nd, we are asking that teachers wear their BTF shirts, stickers, etc. on both days.

We are also asking that all teachers meet together before school and enter their school together on their first day at their home school, i.e. teachers reporting to their home schools on Thursday, go in together on Thursday, September 1st and those reporting to their home school on Friday, go in together on Friday, September 2nd.

As we resume negotiations, we must ensure that the Board knows we remain united and strong.


We will be holding an all teacher rally at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall before the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, September 28th. You must be there. The week before the rally, the Executive Committee and Council of Delegates will be briefed at their meetings on Thursday, September 22, 2016.

BTF logo stickers, President's Reports and NYSUT calendars will be in the buildings before the start of the school year.


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