BTF Staff


If you would like to email a member of the BTF, SBF or NYSUT staff, just click on their name below.


BTF Officers

Philip Rumore, President

Rebecca Pordum, Vice-President, Presidential Assistant

Melinda MacPherson-Sullivan, Secretary

Joseph Montante, Treasurer, Presidential Assistant


BTF Support Staff

Lupe Sauer, Office Manager, Confidential Assistant

Sierra Umhauer, Administrative Assistant to Philip Rumore

Hazel Beharry, Administrative Assistant to Rebecca Pordum and Jenna Burke

Jacqueline Newton, Administrative Assistant to Joseph Montante and Matthew Kibler

Donna Stempniak, Membership



Jenna Burke, Labor Relations Specialist

Matthew Kibler, Labor Relations Specialist

Rob Mueller, Labor Relations Specialist

Tim Connick, Attorney

Sharon Utz, Assistant to Tim Connick


Supplemental Benefit Fund

David Walker, SBF Director

Wendy Aiken, Sick Leave Bank, COBRA

Susan Schnieder, Dental

Donna Mahoney, Dental and Optical

Julia Pezzino, Dental

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